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A Gift For You ~ from CrindelStar ~ Where The Universe Dreams

“Grandma Gigi”, author of CrindelStar ~ Where The Universe Dreams, has created a gift for all young ( & young at heart) Unicorn Lovers! As an added celebration of her granddaughter, Lily, turning 8 on July 27, 2012 ~ we are Gifting FOR FREE! the narrated Story mp3 download to everyone from now through Friday, July 27th !

“A few weeks ago I asked Lily what she would like to do for her birthday party this year” explained Gigi. “Without a second’s hesitation she proclaimed, ‘I want a CrindelStar Party!!” Well, that gave Gigi something to think about, since this will be the first CrindelStar themed party she has attempted creating! While she’s been noodling that idea around her creative mind, Gigi came up with one very special gift that could include everyone! She quickly designed a unique code that can be used at The CrindelStar Store  (in the checkout area upper right corner you will see a green tab that says REDEEM & “enter promo code” – that’s where you want to enter the code: LILY8  doesn’t matter if it’s in caps or lower-case, just no spaces please) Your CrindelStar Story gift will be instantly & immediately  available for a FREE Download ! Happy Lily’s Birthday everyone !

Gigi also created a cute little video surprise for Lily – CrindelStar themed too of course! In this video Lily’s grandma Gigi added some recent pictures of Lily being Lily all around Nashville, TN.- which is to say, she’s a totally CrindelStar Kind of Kid !  We hope you have fun watching her birthday video & hearing the CrindelStar song that plays along in it.

Here’s a picture of Lily climbing a mountain! with her Daddy – (Gigi’s son)  last winter – he’s a CrindelStar kind of  Dad ! (see how that works? *grins* I believe you’re getting the idea moms & dads ~ it’s all about believing & being isn’t it?)

Lily & Carl at Blue Ridge Mountains 2011 – a BIG hike to the top of the ridge line!

Well unicorns, ~ that’s about it for now, we do have more BIG NEWS coming soon ~ our music video !! for CrindelStar’s Theme Song will be in production soon! We will be posting about that here along with Planet CrindelStar News ~ from the Galaxy of those who Believe!  All you unicorns & unicorn lovers, be sure to subscribe to keep in touch , we’ll be sending out invitations for some really fun ways  you can contribute to our video! First though….you probably should know the story ha? Fly to it — it’s waiting for you & be sure to tell your friends too so they can get their story gift !  Lily8 Be sure & get your gift BEFORE July 27th , 2012 when the code expires!

” I am so inspired by the magic and hope that CrindelStar story evokes…I too have always loved Unicorns…Thank you and Bravo !!!”

Roy “Futureman” Wooten ~ 5-Time Grammy Winner, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, The Black Mozart Ensemble, Inventor of The Drumitar &The RoyEl

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