CrindelStar 2013 The Flying Unicorn Comes to Life !

Welcome Unicorn lovers to 2013 ! HAPPY NEW YEAR !

CrindelStar - an island born Unicorn

CrindelStar – an island born Unicorn

CrindelStar was recently seen  playing on her beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands preparing for a magical year with boys & girls from around the world ! The  winged-unicorn has traveled the planet  into the lives of children and adults bringing her message of  joy – including meeting children in South Africa 9 years ago! How time flies when you’re sharing a message of peace & love!  CrindelStar decided to make a trip home for New Year’s Eve, and landed on a beach named “Fortuna”, on the Caribbean island of St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.  This is where you might say CrindelStar was “born” in 1985  (28 years ago) as a story delivered to the heart of her author, Gigi de Lugo. Gigi will be the first to tell you that she didn’t create CrindelStar, rather, she met CrindelStar and the two began a life-long friendship. Not everyone could hear or see the magical winged unicorn, so Gigi agreed to help share CrindelStar’s story and introduce her to those whose heart longed to know her. This began a 28 year journey through true love while Gigi shared and also experienced CrindelStar’s powerful message,  to “believe“….

Gigi read CrindelStar’s story to children and adults, sharing copies of  the story text until 1997 when it was time to find a way to add pictures. Hiring an artist, she began with Green Bean – CrindelStar’s first identity as a vibrant green parrot who we meet at the beginning of the story, but those drawings were unsuccessful and remained unused . As for CrindelStar, how would you describe a unicorn? Do your unicorns have wings? What color is their horn?  For years CrindelStar  flapped her wings explaining that “they are the same as a white dove’s”, and bowed  her regal head showing off her horn of gold with “purple spirals” as Gigi described CrindelStar and Green Bean to talented artists, illustrators and co-creators attempting to capture this one-of-a-kind unicorn’s likeness. Several times it seemed CrindelStar herself was deliberately not allowing the artists to see her or depict her image accurately, as though her identity was to remain a hidden mystery, reminding Gigi that her story explained “why”.

“….that is why we don’t show ourselves except to those who believe” (CrindelStar , excerpt from the story)

The first person to bring an image of CrindelStar to life was a wonderful woman named Judith Escalante, a graphic designer from Mexico who Gigi met in Nashville in 2001. In order to understand CrindelStar’s wings, Judith spent many hours gently holding, examining and communing with two white doves named “Love” and “Laughter”, that were Gigi’s office mascots. Below  is a photo of the painting Judith created which was used for the next 9 years as the primary picture for all things CrindelStar. Judith was also able to design an image of CrindelStar “morphing” into Green Bean, the parrot, as Gigi described how that looked.

CrindelStar Morphing 2001 by Judith Escalante

Painting of CrindelStar by Judith Escalante 2001
Painting of CrindelStar by Judith Escalante 2001

This is the image the children of South Africa received along with c.d.s of CrindelStar’s narrated story and song in 2004.  A professor from Vanderbilt University in Nashville was preparing for a trip to visit South African clinics that her church supported and asked if she could bring CrindelStar to the children there. CrindelStar’s theme song and narrated story recordings were completed just in time to be included in their trip! From that point on, CrindelStar’s narrated story gave Gigi the ability to share her reading of CrindelStar in a whole new way, growing more versatile as digital files and the use of the internet became a mainstream resource as well.

By 2010, Gigi had discovered an innovative way to deliver the audio tracks of CrindelStar’s story & theme song using download cards of handmade paper embedded with wildflower seeds. As preparation was made to print the first cards, world renowned artist and illustrator, Ryan Obermeyer, agreed to create a new image of CrindelStar to be showcased on the mp3 download cards. (seen here) The cards were gifted free to children at festivals, fundraisers, and across the U.S. for the next 3 years.

Handmade paper, embedded with Wildflower Seeds

Mp3 download cards, embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant Unicorn Wildflowers

CrindelStar - an island born Unicorn

CrindelStar – an island born Unicorn

Enter *2013, the year CrindelStar, the book, music video,  plus more will be landing on planet earth! At last the real magical unicorn can be seen thanks to all who “believed” in her for so long !

In addition to her inspirational story book, she brings with her an album of songs “Planet CrindelStar“, which includes her original theme song, new songs,  new voices, & contributions by Award winning artists/musicians & unicorn loving friends.  Planet CrindelStar will also feature “BELIEVE“, an original song recorded in the Virgin Islands for the L.I.A.T.I. (Love Is All There Is) project, with a portion of  proceeds from album sales to benefit (STB USVI Foundation) for children of the U.S. Virgin Islands, CrindelStar’s homeland.

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* 2013

See 2013 International Album ” Voices United For Peace” – Planet CrindelStar, created for International Day of Peace Sept 21, 2013 & released Internationally

One thought on “CrindelStar 2013 The Flying Unicorn Comes to Life !

  1. “…CrindelStar’s story is a way of life islanders share in their hearts, a point of view that encompasses the fundamental belief in the universe’s magic, joy, peace & love and the necessary ingredient that one must “believe” in order for the formula to come to life -no matter what this reality tells us….the magic expands by believing, and nothing less. Believing when you’re happy, sad, afraid, overwhelmed, overjoyed, at peace or at war —- believing and knowing, YOU are the gift the world requires, YOU are “perfect love and joy, strong and happy, girl or boy”…You are “guided safe and sound” with your “feet here on the ground” (CrindelStar theme song’s chorus)
    Onward my friend !”

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