NEW Limited Edition Wildflower-Seed-Embedded MP3 Cards with a Virgin Islands Purpose!

Welcome to CrindelStar ~ Where The Universe Dreams. We have lots of exciting news & events happening for 2013. What better way to start this year than by reaching out to children and showing our love? That is what CrindelStar will be doing as her story, song, and new picture book travel to elementary schools this year! Her journey begins back home in the U.S. Virgin Islands this Spring, after years in development, great reviews & endorsements,  & being introduced to children all over the United States (thank you Mom Bloggers!). With many new friends, artists and contributors to her creative evolution, this is the year we are adding New Songs PLUS the picture book many children & parents have asked for.  Thanks to graphic designer T.C. Keith, we will have it published by Spring/Summer 2013. We’ve included some sneak-peek preview images here already because they’re so beautiful we couldn’t wait to show you! Notice the island theme? CrindelStar is an island-born unicorn!

CrindelStar Picture Book Pre-Orders will be made available shortly, meanwhile, the NEW Limited Edition Album of “Planet CrindelStar” is available on those phenomenal Wildflower Seed Embedded download cards ~ with a purpose!  Get yours today & be ready to grow Spring Flowers ! These are new cards with more seeds & guaranteed to grow flowers! How does it get any better than that? Buy in bulk & gift them to classrooms! What else is possible? We’ve come up with a few ideas of our own, what else can you think of? Let us know & we’ll help you achieve them. Remember you can “Share” this post for CrindelStar at the bottom of this page – & we thank you for your Unicorn loving friendship ❤

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