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100 Children at a Time ~ Call To Action for National Bullying Prevention Month 2013

Planet CrindelStar Kids !

Planet CrindelStar Kids !

100 Children At A Time

“Many of you have followed my journey and are aware of the Planet CrindelStar positive self-esteem story & song album I have produced. Before moving on to that next email and all that awaits you to manage today – I am asking for your help in reaching our goal to begin delivering the Planet CrindelStar album packs to school children in time for October, National Bullying Prevention Month. Please read, share, and take what ever action you are able to help us reach as many children as possible. ” ~ Gigi de Lugo, Author & Executive Producer / Planet CrindelStar

National Bullying Prevention Month October 2013 OFFICIAL TSHIRT IMAGE

We Need Your Partnership !

Time is of the essence and critical for us to place orders with our manufacturers, then assemble by hand and prepare the album cards for delivery. The minimum quantity order we can place for manufacturing is 100, so we are making that our minimum here as  the target we ask  you / your businesses / your group to contribute any amount towards. No amount is too small – it will add up!  &  help us reach — 100 Children At A Time

Total costs plus shipping  (U.S.) & handling per 100 packs (Enough for Four Classrooms & Six Teachers’ packs) is $375.

As we reach $375 in Contributions, Sales or Custom Orders – we manufacture and begin designated delivery to 4 classrooms / 100 Children !

  1. Contribution Via PayPal > to
  2. Via Email Us & REQUEST AN INVOICE We Will email one to you based on what ever dollar amount you designate. Invoices are processed online using any Credit /Debit Card or PayPal Account our email is
  3. Email US at :  Subject Line: 100 Children At A Time


PLEASE SHARE & FORWARD — THIS URL links Directly to our Facebook Post and can be dropped into an email, tweeted (twitter) – added to a blog post + social media.

Additional Information : Press Release

Planet CrindelStar Changing The Message – Anti Bullying Campaign Video + More at our website

Campaign VIDEO :