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Thank you for helping us reach more children with CrindelStar’s message of Peace

Planet CrindelStar highlights 2 months


Thanks so much for being a part of our tremendous party Nov 10th ! You can link to party pictures & also blog article here at – weren’t those vintage cars gorgeous ? !  What  a night  – such great guests & friends !

I hope you might take a moment and explore the wonderful project that is reaching school children with a message of Peace. Below is a picture collage of a few highlights from the last two months – which I am incredibly proud of – so many wonderful humans contributed to CrindelStar’s travels & success ! But – our goals have barely been attained and with your help, we can continue into 2014 reaching more children, classrooms, and communities ~ planting the seeds of peace inspired through the CrindelStar story & songs from International Artists for Peace.

Thank you for your contribution & support of this beautiful project that has been my life’s work & joy.

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Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Planet CrindelStar highlights 2 months