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A Unicorn’s Pick for Best Family Car if you have a tween



Often,  parents considering new car investments for their family vehicles arrive at the turning point (aka, “right of passage”) – signal right turn – preparing to ease into the tween chapter with a whole new reality up the road. What kind of car will our future young driver travel safely in while allowing we parents to exhale, (the ones holding their breath there in the driveway watching their “baby” off and running solo behind the wheel) ?


This is Amy – her daughter< Lily, just turned 13. ..

It’s time to buy a new car, your oldest child is 12, maybe 13, and already you are waking up in a cold sweat of anxiety at night, thinking about your future 16 year old hormone-raging licensed teen. I for one dreaded the day, with every ounce of my maternal instinct – the years proceeding my oldest son getting his license were fueled with last minute “parenting” and efforts to instill “caution” and “respect” for the automobile, (yes, and me). His license also became the final – and many times only – bribe I held the power to take away – if said teenager required discipline. I will never forget the glorious & victorious day – the exact moment and place – after exhausting all prior punishment threats and seeing no effect…that very moment it dawned on me to use “your license!” A privilege hanging out there in his future, two years away,…he held the dream of that license in such a grand and glorious,  treasured,  near-holy anticipation. I know this now because I finally witnessed the LOOK…wide-eyed and wide awake, hearing me finally and snapping to attention, the mere threat of not having my parental endorsement (legally required) to get his license, was all it took for all of his brain cells and momentarily raging hormones to come into immediate and respectful balance, instantly self-correcting whatever behavior had him previously running amok. This was a single-mother’s happy dance moment, the pot of gold! It was 1994, and our vehicles were nowhere near as advanced or safety-feature-laden as 2017 delivers in parental choices.

Carl at 14

Me, with my then 14 year old son…he now has a 13 year old daughter – yes, Lily. (See Lily’s mom Amy above – holding her breath)

In this day and age, CrindelStar our immensely wise unicorn, has considered the tween family vehicle choice carefully, and has come to the conclusion that any systems that set limits on or allow parents to monitor teen drivers – should be at the top of the future-parents-of-teenagers lists!


According to U.S. News & World Report – their 2017 Winners for such family friendly (and teen-monitoring) vehicles include : Ford Edge, Kia Soul, Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, and Cadillac Escalade.  CrindelStar also recommends choosing a color and any options that your future teen driver would like – it will give you more leverage when you might need get their brain cells and momentarily raging teen hormones back in balance. Lily likes “pink”…. good luck with that Amy & Carl ! They’ll soon be hunting for a color Lily will approve of, and a vehicle mom can use for bribing – I mean driving — for years to come!cars.comipadlogo