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“CrindelStar is a magical tale. It is the story of Maria’s personal instructional manual for the beauty of being alive. Maria begins trusting her inner wisdom and conquers the bullies in her mind and environment. Maria fully experiences her own heart as the gateway to believing in herself. This story will help children of all ages give “life to their dreams, stay awake and remember the magic” (Maria – Crindelstar).  My students and clients loved this tale of how we learn lessons in life by connecting to our wise selves. I fully endorse this wonderful, transformational story.”
~Dr. Caren Rich~ Doctorate in Clinical Psychology,MA in Educational Psychology,MA in Educational Administration, Special Education Teacher, (Emotionally Disturbed, Autistic, Learning Disabled), Gifted Education Teacher. College Professor of Human Development -on Boards of Sojourn Battered Women and their Children Shelter, Los Angeles-Nagoya Sister City Project

” I am so inspired by the magic and hope that CrindelStar story evokes…I too have always loved Unicorns…Thank you and Bravo !!!”~Roy “Futureman” Wooten ~ 5-Time Grammy Winner, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, The Black Mozart Ensemble, Inventor of The Drumitar & The RoyEl

“I believe in the cause, I believe in encouraging children and their dreams, and most of all I believe in the person who is trying to make this all happen! “~Robert Linden ~ Zen Boogie Band, & Associate Director Television Music CBS.

“What a cute idea!  You get to listen to a beautiful unicorn story and song and plant beautiful wildflowers too! When my six year old first started listening to the song, she immediately began dancing.  It was an instant hit!  Her exact words were “Mom, I’m really grooving to this thing.”  Kids are just hilarious! …My daughter has already listened to the song and the story quite a few times and absolutely loves it!  She’s also really excited about planting the card this spring.  She just thinks it’s so cool that flowers can grow from a card!”  

One of over 40  MOM BLOGGER’s REVIEWs in 2012:

CrindelStar is enjoyable to listen to because the story telling is very vivid and makes you feel like you’re apart of the story. My children also enjoyed the song. It’s very catchy and fun to listen to. Another fun feature is the packaging. The album card can be planted to grow wildflowers. This idea was needed about 20 years ago before we filled our landfills with plastic CD covers. I love this green and planet friendly product!

“I believe in CrindelStar!

This item could be in the category 4 Fun because it’s presented as a child’s story, or $tuff(since I did purchase and download the story and song), but I prefer to place it in Cogito. I place it here, because my mind went all aflower on just hearing the song, which launches when you hit the main web site for CrindelStar – Where the Universe Dreams.  You can turn the audio off, but I recommend that you listen closely to the song, and open to the bliss of sinking into all of one’s dreams without reservation or doubt”…

U.S.V.I. REVIEWER : Ladyjack Blog Reviews CrindelStar (MORE)



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  1. Every Children in this world and in other world should be exposed to CrindelStar Story. The story and music as well as the art is perfect for kids to have. It is Meaningful, Beautiful, Engaging and also positive. I am surely letting my daughter to experience Crindelstar. This is a universal dream that I would like my daughter to have. Love the people who made this happen. Thank you CrindelStar

    • Thank you Ngawang – such wonderful words! ~ For those who may be reading this, Ngawang was born in Tibet and escaped as a child – over the Himalayan Mountains into India. He went to college in Israel, where he met his wife, Tamara – who is from Nashville. They live in Nashville with their beautiful little girl & can often be found at Peace rallies and gatherings dedicated to Human Rights causes.

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