Thank you for helping us reach more children with CrindelStar’s message of Peace

Planet CrindelStar highlights 2 months


Thanks so much for being a part of our tremendous party Nov 10th ! You can link to party pictures & also blog article here at – weren’t those vintage cars gorgeous ? !  What  a night  – such great guests & friends !

I hope you might take a moment and explore the wonderful project that is reaching school children with a message of Peace. Below is a picture collage of a few highlights from the last two months – which I am incredibly proud of – so many wonderful humans contributed to CrindelStar’s travels & success ! But – our goals have barely been attained and with your help, we can continue into 2014 reaching more children, classrooms, and communities ~ planting the seeds of peace inspired through the CrindelStar story & songs from International Artists for Peace.

Thank you for your contribution & support of this beautiful project that has been my life’s work & joy.

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Planet CrindelStar highlights 2 months

NOVEMBER 10TH Viewing Party “Killing Kennedy” TV Movie Premiere & CrindelStar Fundraiser #KillingKennedy

EVENT 1110134NOVEMBER 10TH Viewing Party “Killing Kennedy” TV Movie Premiere & CrindelStar Online Silent AUCTION Fundraiser – to benefit our School Outreach Program. With Special Guest & CrindelStar Celebrity Spokesperson,  Actor Michael Shiflett 

Mike Shiflett -Lincoln red carpet 1

Fundraiser to Benefit School Outreach Program

Fundraiser to Benefit School Outreach Program

Michael Shiflett’s Credits also include : Senator R.M.T. Hunter in Steven Spielberg’s Feature Film “Lincoln”,

Mike Shiflett - Senator R. Hunter -Lincolnsteven_spielberg_s_lincoln__2012__by_myrmorko-d5o0wkbsteven-spielberg-1993-oscars-vertical


Killing Kennedy’ stars Rob Lowe as JFK, and Will Rothhaar as Lee Harvey Oswald.‘(Photo: Kent Eanes, National Geographic) ~ Join us along with our Special Guest : Actor Michael Shiflett– who plays “Will Fritz”  chief investigator of Oswald – in “Killing Kennedy” . Michael will be in Nashville while filming a new sitcom TV Pilot in production with  Left Brain Digital, “the Accidental President” based on the book by author Dixie Swanson. Lucky for us the timing created an opportunity for all to enjoy an intimate evening together – a little “HollywooJFK CIGAR LOUNGE by Bellaterra Ranchd – Nashville style” Nov 10th .  Our party will include  the first public showing of the de Lugo family’s  private JFK collection. Made possible by Planet CrindelStar creator, Gigi de Lugo. ( COLLECTION IMAGE GALLERY)  Luxury Cigars for our JFK Cigar Lounge Area compliments of Friends Mike & Catherine Murphy, owners of Bellaterra Ranch – Maker of Fine Wine & Luxurious Cigars .  This wonderful evening in Nashville is  a fundraiser for our Planet CrindelStar elementary school outreach program.  JOIN OUR ONLINE SILENT AUCTION NOV 1st to NOV 12th- Online & Live at the Event . Click LINK to See the unique items donated for our auction, including special Virgin Islands made products,, plus autographed items + more !  You can bid to win some early Christmas & Holiday Gifts  (or use Buy Now option) while supporting a great cause!

Partial Guest List

Partial Guest List

Mike Shiflett -Lincoln red carpet 1

“I believe and promote the causes of CRINDELSTAR simply because the world needs ’it’s message’. Establishing a communication of “peace” to children throughout this world is crucial in today’s climate. What could be more promising than a world of hope and love for the children. Hopefully this will spread throughout the planet.” ~ *Actor Michael Shiflett, CrindelStar Celebrity Spokesperson



Coming to Nashville in November 2013 to shoot a new sit-com for Joe Thomas at Left Brain Digital….”The Accidental President”…I play the “chief of staff”…

“LINCOLN” by Steven Spielberg…I play Senator RMT Hunter …in his masterpiece..

“KILLING KENNEDY” by Ridley Scott …director: Nelson McCormick…I play Will Fritz…chief investigator of lee Harvey  Oswald….

“JOHN ADAMS” for HBO…Tom Hanks Production…Director Tom Hooper…I play “the mourning father”…he lost his son in the Boston uprising…

“KILLING LINCOLN” by Bill O’Reilly…I play “honorable Hugh McCullough”

“EVAN ALMIGHTY”…Universal Pictures…director Tom Shadyac…”congressman”

“WILDERNESS”…lead actor as “Abraham”…director Andy Pisciotti

DISCOVERY CHANNEL …lead actor as Ray Copeland…in Murder at Twilight

ID CHANNEL….lead father…in Ice Cold Killers…

THEATER: “Tony Loves Tina”…. NYC cast….I play “Big Tony”…

THEATER:” Greetings”…. as Phil Gorski…lead actor….

SINGER: backup singer/musician with Johnny Mathis, Barbra Streisand, Dione Warwick.

                benefit show in L.A.

SINGER/COMPOSER: commercial jingles…CBS Network Promo., Levi 501 Blues, Club Med,

                                      Toyota Tercel, Jordache Jeans, Power Rangers.

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Nashville & Florida October Movie Screenings of “Halloween Party” are fundraisers for Planet CrindelStar’s Anti-Bullying Program

This Nashville Event is a Fundraiser for ” Planet CrindelStar ~ Changing The Message” Anti-Bullying Outreach. October is National Bullying Prevention Month – & Planet CrindelStar will be delivering our Parent & Teacher endorsed Audio Album to classrooms and schools. Your contribution helps us reach more kids and truly “Change The Message” on bullying in our schools. Each Level PLANET CRINDELSTAR goes to SchoolContribution will Include a Gift of the Planet CrindelStar Album mp3 Download Card & an mp3 download card of Halloween Party’s Award Winning Soundtrack Album as our thanks for your contribution. We can mail you your Albums or you can pick them up at the Theater the night of our Event.Please Reserve Your Tickets Right Away ! You will not be charged until we meet the minimum quota required of  attendees.  Click on the Image Below to Go Direct to Nashville site & the link in the next line below to reach the Pensacola event site. ~~ Tickets cannot be purchased at the theater as these are Special Events & must be purchased online. Please do make your Reservations right away.

Tickets are $10 –Nashville Oct 23rd & $11 –Pensacola Florida Oct 3oth   With a Separate  Option to Donate to the Fundraiser in addition to the ticket price. If you are unable to attend, consider gifting tickets to Teachers or Artists, or your Clients / Employees !

For added Fun – attend the event in COSTUME !

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