Nashville & Florida October Movie Screenings of “Halloween Party” are fundraisers for Planet CrindelStar’s Anti-Bullying Program

This Nashville Event is a Fundraiser for ” Planet CrindelStar ~ Changing The Message” Anti-Bullying Outreach. October is National Bullying Prevention Month – & Planet CrindelStar will be delivering our Parent & Teacher endorsed Audio Album to classrooms and schools. Your contribution helps us reach more kids and truly “Change The Message” on bullying in our schools. Each Level PLANET CRINDELSTAR goes to SchoolContribution will Include a Gift of the Planet CrindelStar Album mp3 Download Card & an mp3 download card of Halloween Party’s Award Winning Soundtrack Album as our thanks for your contribution. We can mail you your Albums or you can pick them up at the Theater the night of our Event.Please Reserve Your Tickets Right Away ! You will not be charged until we meet the minimum quota required of  attendees.  Click on the Image Below to Go Direct to Nashville site & the link in the next line below to reach the Pensacola event site. ~~ Tickets cannot be purchased at the theater as these are Special Events & must be purchased online. Please do make your Reservations right away.

Tickets are $10 –Nashville Oct 23rd & $11 –Pensacola Florida Oct 3oth   With a Separate  Option to Donate to the Fundraiser in addition to the ticket price. If you are unable to attend, consider gifting tickets to Teachers or Artists, or your Clients / Employees !

For added Fun – attend the event in COSTUME !

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