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Planet CrindelStar

Blog Post Published 2013

CrindelStar’s Story & message has been endorsed by Teachers, Child Psychologists, Parents, and most of all Children !- for its positive self esteem empowering message. CrindelStar’s second album – Planet CrindelStar is a compilation album with the CrindelStar narrated story, along with the CrindelStar theme song, and additional songs by popular artists – Believe / produced in the U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS, for the LIATI project, and A Same New Day – by Nashville-based popular rock band Hip Kitty ( 3 years as Disney World ‘s # 1 Rock Band + World Tours & Military Concerts overseas)
Story Synopsis:
CrindelStar is an inspirational story based on a young girl, Maria, who faces peer pressure from her classmates to abandon her belief in her precious unicorns. We learn through Maria’s encounter with a mystical creature, CrindelStar, that what she believes of herself creates the foundation of what she might ultimately contribute to the world through her life’s purpose and gift. CrindelStar arrives to rescue Maria from her despair, but it is through Maria’s compassion, honesty, and personal courage CrindelStar is saved as well !

Born on St Croix, USVI May 8th, 1960 – Author Gigi de Lugo is an award winning music publisher & feature film producer, &  4th generation Virgin Islander, daughter of Maria Morales de Lugo , a ballerina, artist & magical mom who gave life to Gigi’s dreams, & The Honorable Ron de Lugo – who dedicated his career to serving the people of the Virgin Islands.

Gigi wrote the original CrindelStar story in 1985, while living & working on St Thomas. The theme song was later written in Nashville and recorded in 2004. The first recipients of the story and song album were children in South Africa, suffering from AIDS – – CrindelStar was delivered to them by way of a church group from Nashville. Many children have enjoyed the CrindelStar album since then, and her popularity continues to grow and earn new fans.
CrindelStar is now part of Cheryl Francis’  STB, USVI Inc., elementary school outreach and will be going to children throughout the Virgin Islands as a positive self esteem program and anti-bullying initiative in partnership with Ms. Francis.  The Planet CrindelStar Album will also be available via retail sales and is hoped it will become popular for tourists to bring home to their families as part of their Virgin Islands experience —  CrindelStar was truly born in the Virgin Islands & brought to life from the heart of an islander – though CrindelStar is now touching the lives of children all over the world, she will always be an Island Unicorn.

The audio album is delivered via custom designed MP3 download cards made of paper embedded with wildflower seeds. No plastic – completely GREEN & planet friendly. The unique code on the back of each card is used to redeem online for the full album mp3 files, then children plant the card to grow wildflowers.

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